Katana 3.6v4 Release Notes

Release Date

03 March 2021

Previous Releases

System Requirements

Officially Supported Operating Systems

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Recommended
CPUDual-core processor
Storage1+ GB available for installation
System RAM1+ GB available
Graphics RAM1+ GB available2+ GB available
Display800 x 6001920 x 1080
OpenGLOpenGL 4.3+ (see note below)
NOTE: AMD-based graphics cards are currently not supported.

Tested Workstation Hardware

The configurations listed below are those that Foundry have tested with Katana. Due to the constantly changing nature and wide variety of computer hardware available in the market, Foundry is unable to officially certify hardware. The list below can be used as a recommendation and does not guarantee that it meets your particular needs.

Please download and install the latest graphics driver from the NVIDIA website.

If you encounter any issues, please contact Customer Support directly through the Support Portal at the following address: https://support.foundry.com.

What's New in Katana 3.6

These release notes describe changes from Katana 3.6v3 to 3.6v4.

For a high-level overview of important changes in the Katana 3.6 line, please see the accompanying What's New in Katana 3.6 document.

Bug Fixes

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Scene Graph


Known Issues


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Live Groups


Parameter Expressions